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Jeffrey T Angley

Jeffrey T. Angley is an accomplished legal counsellor and trial lawyer.

Jeffrey T Angley's Bio:

Jeffrey T. Angley, P.C., a member of Phillips & Angley, is a Boston, Massachusetts, firm representing developers, landowners and businesses in Plymouth, Barnstable, Norfolk, Middlesex, Bristol and Suffolk counties. For more than 25 years, Jeffrey T. Angley has worked to protect the interests of developers and landowners who encounter daunting legal obstacles in residential and commercial projects throughout Eastern Massachusetts, including the South Shore and Cape Cod.At our Boston-based law firm, we understand that a permitting delay or mid-construction dispute adds substantial costs and other pressures. Our clients need swift results, which we deliver through aggressive, targeted action to protect hard-won land use and zoning permits, and to appeal improper permit decisions. Our land use, zoning and real estate litigation practice supports residential or commercial development through aggressive appeals of permits and representation in private land use disputes. We also offer real estate development and planning strategies tailored to meet our clients' needs. For more details visit here -
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